Wednesday, March 15, 2006

MDI, qtintf70.dll, launcher... all gone

Several changes has been made in the last few weeks. I also managed to actually convert and open the entire project on Lazarus - as expected, it's not compiling yet. The major changes are:
  • No more MDI: all remaining MDI Forms are now converted to SDI;
  • No more qtintf70.dll dependency: after a complete cleaning, no more QT Units are being used. There were a couple QTypes that were missed in the automated CLX - VCL conversion;
  • No more Launcher: the old launcher checks if there's a newer version in a given web server, and using Indy it downloads it; after that it runs the application. Now the own client app does that (using Synapse), calling an external program only if there IS a new version (the external program, already a Lazarus application, only swaps the downloaded file with the file that were being run).
Now I'll focus in the conversion, in order to actually get the project compiled. I know that get it compiled and get it working are two very different things, but hey, I own the damn company. There's no deadline: it's ready when it's ready!

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