Friday, September 07, 2012

Code Typhon 2.80

First of all, it's a Typhon, not a Typhoon. It's not a cyclone, it's a powerful mythological monster. That said, let's talk about PilotLogic's CodeTyphon: it's a bundle containing recent SVN versions of FPC, Lazarus and a lot of free components. The current version (2.80) has Lazarus 1.1 revision 38083 -- the newest at time of writing was 38560. FPC is 2.7.1

We tried to make a cross-compile setup using only standard Lazarus 1.0 but we failed. Then we tried CodeTyphon and it was easy. So we decided to give it a try.

Here at Rednaxel we use only a few third-party components on Lazarus: namely ZeosLib (database access) and ACBr (mostly for brazilian government-mandated electronic invoices, or Nota Fiscal EletrĂ´nica). PilotLogic has its own version of ZeosLib (named pl_zeoslib), so we had to change the project. No big deal. However, ACBr uses Synapse, not the pl_synapse that comes with CodeTyphon. If we had changed ACBr's various projects to use the PL version, we would lose the ability to "svn update" ACBr codebase.

So we had to remove "pl_synapse" (and all components that use it) from CodeTyphon.