Monday, October 11, 2010

Installing Lazarus on Ubuntu 10.10

We are back! Now the OPF was fully ported to Zeoslib (sqldb had some issues) and the Terminal de Consulta (Price Verifier) is being adapted. It's running on Linux machines for months now, it was a great field test. We started to use Ubuntu 10.10 here and today I made a clean install. Here's the steps to create a Lazarus development machine:
  1. Install Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop
  2. Install FPC 2.4.0 (with Synaptic or apt-get install fpc)
  3. Download FPC sources (I prefer the .tar.gz file) to $HOME
  4. Uncompress them (tar -xvzf fpc-2.4.0.source.tar.gz)
  5. Install SVN software (sudo apt-get install subversion)
  6. Get Lazarus (svn co lazarus)
  7. Build Lazarus with extra components (cd lazarus; make bigide)
If you need database connectivity, I suggest you use Zeoslib instead of the bundled sqldb component. Zeos is very mature and stable, to install it on Lazarus there are some extra steps:
  1. Get Zeos (svn checkout svn:// zeosdbo)
  2. Install Zeos (open zcomponent.lpk from Components/Open Package)
We also use Synapse library and ACBr components, both from SVN.