Monday, December 19, 2005

Indy or Synapse?

After trying Indy 4 Lazarus without success, I was told (thanks again, jesusrmx) to try Synapse's HTTP functions (from the HttpSend unit). I've been using Synapse for serial communication, but I was not aware of its HTTP features. I was gladly surprised: it's almost as easy as TIdHTTP and is officially supported on Lazarus.

Now I'll finally port the "Auto Updater" from my project. The preliminary tests were excellent, and as soon as I finish it, there will be another post here.


Anonymous said...

Blog de Silvio Clécio said...


You have successfully send email with Synapse?

Silcio Clécio.

Alexsander said...

Silvio, I've not tried to send email with Synapse.